These pages are now woefully outdated; I haven't updated the links in yonks. Still I resolved not to take the pages down, since there may still be some useful material in here. Just be prepared to be frustrated.

Eighteenth-Century Resources

These pages are the labor of love of Jack Lynch of Rutgers — Newark. Corrections and comments are welcome.

Last updated 7 January 2006.

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About These Pages

These pages cover all the significant and reliable Internet resources I've been able to discover that focus on the (very long) eighteenth century — let's say Milton to Keats. The collection includes information on literature, history, art, music, religion, economics, philosophy, and so on, from around the world, as well as the home pages of societies and people who work on eighteenth-century topics. The site is aimed especially at scholars and students; I've excluded many sites of interest only to fans, historical re-enactors, &c. As a rule, I've excluded commerical sites, breaking that rule only when there seemed to be genuinely useful information on a commercial page.

I've divided links into two large groups: pointers to Web sites are on the main pages, but I also have a set of pages devoted to electronic texts of eighteenth-century authors. Everything except the electronic texts now includes a brief annotation, giving some hint about what's featured on the site, as well as some technical information (graphics-heavy pages that take a long time to load over phone lines, pages that require specific browsers, &c.). Though I try to give some sense of the scholarly value of the pages, I must disavow specialist knowledge in most of the fields I comment on — I'm not qualified to judge whether a bibliography of Barbauld includes all the major scholia, or whether a biography of Hume takes into account discoveries since Mossner, let alone whether the German-language discussion of Albrecht von Haller is reliable. I've had to be content to look for the usual hallmarks of scholarly responsibility. Of course I welcome suggestions and corrections from specialists.

It's obvious from the depth of coverage that my own interests lie in British literature and history. But I especially welcome contributions in areas on which I'm completely ignorant — eighteenth-century Africa, or Islam, or Japan, or mathematics, or theology, or whatever. Please keep me up to date. And please let me know if pages have moved or gone down.

You can contact me with suggestions or corrections.