These pages are now woefully outdated; I haven't updated the links in yonks. Still I resolved not to take the pages down, since there may still be some useful material in here. Just be prepared to be frustrated.

What's New in Eighteenth-Century Resources on the Net

These are the most recent eighteenth-century resources I've discovered; they'll remain here for six months. Simple electronic texts are added to the eighteenth-century E-texts page rather than the main eighteenth-century page.

7 Jan. 2006

I've removed or corrected several hundred bad links, tracking down those that are track-down-able and deleting those that aren't. (In a few cases, when search engines suggest a page still exists but I'm unable to get to it, I've put an indication, "Down?") I've also reorganized all the E-text links, putting them in a more rational order — that is, more strictly alphabetical, and with collected and selected works at the top of each group. I'm sure it's far from perfect, but it'll have to do.

4 Jan. 2006

Once again, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I've updated my links. But this load of more than 400 new ones should go some way toward making up for the delay. This batch is especially strong on electronic texts, including a great many PDF files from the Liberty Fund, a big set of Irish texts, and a number of Polish texts.
Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture (Univ. of Wisconsin)
An archive of documents and images on the decorative arts, including a collection of early American furniture and ceramics.
Picturing the First Castaway: The Illustration of Robinson Crusoe (Rutgers)
Illustrations from dozens of editions of Defoe's novel.
Biography of William Hogarth
Adapted from John Nichols and George Steevens.
The Charles Brockden Brown Electronic Archive and Scholarly Edition
An ongoing edition, in print and on-line, of Brown's complete works, Includes a biography and primary and secondary bibliographies.
The Byron Society of America (Univ. of Delaware)
Information on the Society and its publications.
Byron Society Collection (Univ. of Delaware)
Information on the extensive collection of works and objets d'art by and about Byron.
Gwefan Ddigidol Ann Griffiths Digital Website (E. Wyn James, Cardiff Univ.)
Information on the late 18th-c. Welsh poet. Text in English and Welsh.
The complete text of Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, in both the first and fourth editions, completely searchable. A major scholarly project. O si sic omnes!
Colloque International Sade
An on-line journal on Sade. The site is in English and French; the papers will be in English, French, and Spanish.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan (David Taylor, St. Andrews)
An attractive set of pages on Sheridan, including a brief biography, summaries of the works, comments by other writers, satirical prints by Gillray, and a bibliography.
Portraits of American Women Writers That Appeared in Print Before 1861 (Library Company of Phialdelphia)
Dozens of images of early American women writers.
A searchable database of thousands of reviews of British Romantic-period fiction. O si sic omnes!
Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-Century Literary Annual (Katherine D. Harris, San Jose State Univ.)
An archive of articles from 1823 to 1830. Impressive.
British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism 1793-1815 (Betty Bennett, Romantic Circles)
Hundreds of annotated poems, most anonymous or pseudonymous. An invaluable compilation.
Corvey CW3 Journal: Corvey Women Writers on the Web
A refereed Web journal on Romantic-era women writers.
Historical Outline for Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature (Alok Yadov, GMU)
A detailed chronology of British events in the long eighteenth century.
A huge, searchable database of wills in the National Archives of Great Britain. Invaluable for genealogical research. O si sic omnes!
Monticello: Thomas Jefferson Portal
A large database of the catalogue of the library at Monticello.
Money, Power & Prose: An Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Financial Revolution in the British Isles, 1688-1756: A Working Bibliography of Bublished Sources
A bibliography (in PDF format) of a great many sources on economic history.
Nearly ten thousand records on early American libraries. A major source of information on library history from Princeton. O si sic omnes!
Palaeography: Reading Old Handwriting, 1500-1800: A Practical Online Tutorial (National Archives, UK)
A useful guide for beginners.
Zeitschriften der Aufklärung (Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld)
Page images from forty-five newspapers, totaling more than 80,000 articles, on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century science and literature. In German.
The British Empire (National Archives, UK)
An exhibition on empire. It's aimed mostly at school-age students, but includes useful primary documents.
Braddock's March Home Page
A site commemorating Gen. Edward Braddock's march to Fort Duquesne in 1755. Includes descriptions of the march, maps, a timeline, and a bibliography.
Col. Washington's Frontier Forts Association
Information on a number of forts and battlefields from the early part of the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.
Fort Edwards Colonial Archaeological Site
Information on the history of the West Virginia site in the French and Indian War, with information on the current visitors' center.
Chevalier J. J. O. de Meude-Monpas, Afro-French Composer
Information on the composer and his works.
Frankfurter Telemann Gesellschaftt
Information on the society and on Telemann, including a biographical outline. An impressive scholarly project. In German.
Pathways to Philosophy Distance Learning Program
A portal site, rich in links to philosophical sites.
Early Modern Texts (Jonathan F. Bennett)
PDF files of the works of early modern philosophers, parapharsed for clarity, with interspersed commentary. Handy for newcomers to early modern philosophy.
The Mind is a Metaphor: A Database of Eighteenth-Century Metaphors of Mind (Brad Pasanek)
A searchable database of thousands of metaphors used to describe the mind in 18th-c. philosophy.
The Berkeley Newsletter (Bertil Belfrage)
Information on the newly reconstituted newsletter, with issues on-line.
François Vincent Toussaint, Author of Les Mœurs (1748)
Includes a thorough bibliography of editions of the important work of philosophy.
A huge bibliographical database on the religious backgrounds to English literature, focusing especially (but not exclulsively) on Anglicanism. There are also some shorter, more focused bibliographies. O si sic omnes!
The Clergy of the Church of England Database 1540-1835
An in-progress database of Anglican clergy.
Science in the 19th Century Periodical
"A searchable electronic index to the science content of sixteen nineteenth-century general periodicals." More than 7,500 articles.
EECB: The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography
Information on the journal.
Eighteenth-Century Life
Information on the journal.
Eighteenth-Century Reading Room Blog (Graduate Center, CUNY)
A blog and discussion group hosted by the CUNY Graduate Center's 18th-c. community.
Louisiana Consortium for Long-Eighteenth-Century Studies
Information on the Consortium, which hopes "to coordinate Louisiana's vast but presently widely dispersed resources" in C18 studies.
South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Information on the Society and its annual meetings.

I'll continue browsing Penn's Books On-line, New Listings page and various search engines for further additions, but suggestions are welcome.