Contacting Jack Lynch

My home page and all the pages attached to it now get read tens of thousands of times a day. That's gratifying, but it eats up a lot of my time — and time is one thing I don't have in abundance.

I'm always glad to receive questions, comments, corrections, requests, and recommendations about anything on these pages, but it's only fair to warn you: I get a few hundred real messages a day, and another few hundred spam messages a day. I'm afraid I simply can't respond to most of the mail that comes my way. So if you E-mail me, don't be surprised if you don't get an answer. I hate to be rude, but I just can't keep up with the volume of mail.

Some general comments. First, I can't respond to most queries about grammar, as I explain in my Guide. Second, I can offer only limited help on most literary topics. I'll always do my best to answer questions on eighteenth-century British literature, the area in which I have some expertise. But I can't do your homework. If you're stuck, try a reference librarian. They're wonderful people, and they get paid to answer questions like this.

Some people write to ask for permission to make links to my pages. Here's my blanket permission: anyone is welcome to make links to any of my pages, the more the merrier. If you want to reproduce anything of mine, though, whether on-line or in print, you'll need my permission.

If that hasn't frightened you away and you still care to get in touch, you're welcome to try me by mail, phone, or E-mail. E-mail is easiest:

As I said, I'm plagued by spam several hundred times a day. To ensure I see something you send, please use a clearly descriptive subject line. Something vague like “Help” or “Question” may well be ignored.

If E-mail isn't your thing, you can also write to my office address:

Jack Lynch
Department of English
Rutgers University
360 M. L. King Blvd.
Newark, N.J. 07102

My office phone is (973) 353-5204. But note that I'm not always on campus, especially when classes aren't in session, and I check my voice mail only from the office.