These pages are now woefully outdated; I haven't updated the links in yonks. Still I resolved not to take the pages down, since there may still be some useful material in here. Just be prepared to be frustrated.

Eighteenth-Century Resources — Art

This page, edited by Jack Lynch of Rutgers – Newark, is part of the larger collection of Eighteenth-Century Resources on the Net.

Art, Architecture, Landscape Gardening

Eighteenth-century art is still sparse on the net, but have a look at the following:

General Art Resources

Art History Resources (Chris Witcombe, Sweet Briar College)
Extensive archive of Web resources, including pages on Baroque and 18th-c. art.
WebMuseum (Nicolas Pioch, UNC)
A very impressive general art resource, with pages on Baroque and 18th-c. art. Includes information on Claude Lorrain, Watteau, Boucher, Chardin, Fragonard, David, Ingres, Friedrich, Fuseli, Blake, Constable, Turner, West, and Copley, with an outline to cover many more. Thumbnails lead to adequate reproductions.
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Includes some 18th-c. works.
Publications on Art and Architecture (Wolfgang and Bernadette Schöller)
List of publications (in German) by the Schöllers, including a number on 18th-c. topics. Like all Geocities sites, irritatingly commercial.
Collage Portal
"An image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London," from the 16th through the 20th centuries.

Eighteenth-Century Exhibitions and Galleries (Multiple Artists)

The Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection
A collection of thousands of scanned visual materials from 18th-c. Britain, searchable by keyword. A remarkable collection, and it's still growing.
National Portrait Gallery's 18th-c. Pages
Guide to Room 9 of the National Portrait Gallery.
British Painters in the 18th and 19th Centuries (Japan)
A large outline, but so far only Hogarth and Blake are filled in with links to other sites.
The New Child: British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood, 1730-1830 (Berkeley)
The exhibition includes a timeline that covers the eighteenth century. Thumbnails lead to good GIF reproductions.
The Image of France (Chicago)
A catalogue of over ten thousand early nineteenth-century French engravings from the Bibliographie de la France from 1811 through 1826. Text only.
Le siècle des lumières dans la peinture des musées de France (French Ministry of Culture)
An extensive exhibition. Includes essays, brief biographies, and adequate reproductions (with thumbnails) for Boucher, Fragonard, Watteau, Prud'hon, Pajou, and many others. In French and English.
Splendors of Versailles (Mississippi State Univ.)
Information on the extensive exhibition.
Engraving from Pope's Rape of the Lock (Jeffrey Barr, Univ. of Florida)
Images from two editions of The Rape, which can be compared in frames.
An exhibition on Voltaire's Candide, with electronic texts in several languages, hundreds of images, and an extensive bibliography. O si sic omnes!
A list of more than 600 print satires from 1760 to 1800, with useful background information on mezzotints. Impressively scholarly.

Individual Artists

Johannes Baur

Ovid Project
The engravings from Johannes Baur's 1703 edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses are part of this part of UVM's Hope Hall for the Humanities.

William Blake

Blake also features on the Literature page.
The William Blake Page — Paintings
Thumbnails lead to uneven JPEG reproductions.
Tyger of Wrath: William Blake at the National Gallery of Victoria
High-quality scans of 176 of Blakes illuminations and paintings, from an exhibition at NGV.
Willam Blake Online (Tate Britain)
An extensive and snazzy-looking exhibition on Blake's life and works, both literary and visual.


Cruikshank Artwork at Princeton University Library
Extensive searchable database of prints and paintings. Thumbnails lead to very good reproductions. Requires frames.


InfoGoya — Catalogue of Goya's paintings (University of Zaragoza and the Institución Fernando el Católico)
Includes an extensive and well-designed virtual exhibition with biographical and critical essays. Most of the graphics, however, are only thumbnails. In English and Spanish.
In the Light of Goya/Bajo las luces de Goya (exhibition at Berkeley)
Works inspired by Goya. Very cursory. In English and Spanish.
Los Caprichos de Goya (Calcografía Nacional)
Exhibition of Goya's prints. In Spanish.


Biography of William Hogarth
Adapted from John Nichols and George Steevens.
William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture (Mary and Leigh Block Gallery, Northwestern Univ.)
Impressive site on Hogarth's life and work, including discussions of his aesthetics, politics, and techniques. Scanned graphics are clear but small.
Original articles (in German and English), along with a very extensive and scholarly annotated bibliography of works on Hogarth. Like all sites, regrettably filled with irratiting pop-up ads, but still worth attention.
Hogarth and His Times: Serious Comedy (Berkeley)
Essays accompanying the exhibition. Small, low-quality reproductions.
Selected Hogarth Prints (Jack Lynch, Rutgers)
Gin Lane, Beer Street, The Distrest Poet, The Idle 'Prentice, and The Enraged Musician. Moderate scanning quality; taken from late nineteenth-century prints.
William Hogarth's Realm (Shaun Wourm)
Extensive site on Hogarth, including scanned prints, Wourm's own M.A. thesis on Hogarth, bibliographies, and an extensive biographical chronology. Understandably graphics-heavy; some of the Java-powered animations are intrusive.
William Hogarth
Entry from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, written by Austin Dobson, with useful hyperlinks.


Peter Monamy (Charles Harrison Wallace)
A study of the state of the art in criticism on the eighteenth-century British painter.


The Mask of Venice: Masking, Theater, and Identity in the Art of Tiepolo and His Time (Berkeley)
Catalogue of the exhibition with several high-resolution JPEG reproductions.

Architecture, Landscape Gardening, Historic Buildings

S*P*I*R*O (Berkeley)
Extensive architectural database which allows you to search by period. Only thumbnails available, but the database includes over 1,100 images from the 17th and 18th centuries.
American Architecture — Eighteenth Century — 1700 to 1799 (Great Buildings Online)
Information on a half-dozen 18th-c. American buildings.
Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Includes some 18th-c. public art.
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (C. W. Westfall, Virginia)
Supplementary material on a course on early modern architecture. Thumbnails lead to clear JPEG photographs.
Pavilions of Splendour
Collection of links to British architectural charities with information on preservation societies.
California Mission Studies Association
Includes information on some 18th-c. missions.

Historic Buildings

Castle Howard
Visitors' guide with information on the stately home in Yorkshire, built by Vanbrugh and Hawksmoor. Graphics quality varies.
Mount Vernon
Visitors' guide to Washington's house. Very small images.
Visitors' guide to Jefferson's house in Virginia. Very small graphics.
Hammerwood Park
Visitors' guide. Conscientiously designed, with minimal frivolous graphics.
Stratford Hall Plantation
Birthplace of Robert E. Lee; includes many links on 18th-c. history, education, etc.

Landscape Architecture and Gardening

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
Visitors' guide with little 18th-c. content.
Botanists, plantsmen, designers, gardeners of note
Includes brief biographical sketches of some eighteenth-century gardeners and landscape architects.
Stowe Landscape Gardens, Buckinghamshire, England
Impressive guide to the property, with interactive maps. A few small photographs and extensive text.


Costume Image Database (Columbia)
Index of costume information at Columbia; images are available only in Columbia itself.
The History of Costume (SIUE)
A Victorian illustrated text which includes 18th-c. costumes. Thumbnails lead to good, clear JPEG reproductions of the Victorian colored engravings.
The Museum of Costume (Marcus Dunning, Bath, UK)
Impressive searchable databse of the museum's collection. Includes small photographs of many items, including close-ups of the fabric.
Regency Fashion Page (Cathy Decker, UCR)
Extensive guide to Regency fashion, including bibliographies, photographs of clothing, chronologies, and portraits.
Glossary of 18th Century Costume Terminology
A very useful collection of words used to describe clothing and related matters. The emphasis is on Britain and its colonies, and women's clothes get more attention than men's or children's, but the coverage is impressive.


Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture (Univ. of Wisconsin)
An archive of documents and images on the decorative arts, including a collection of early American furniture and ceramics.
18th Century: From Caslon to Bodoni (Melbert B. Cary, Jr., Graphic Arts Collection, Rochester Institute of Technology)
Illustrated guide to typefaces and bookmaking arts. Thumbnails lead to good JPEGs of full pages.
Picturing the First Castaway: The Illustration of Robinson Crusoe (Rutgers)
Illustrations from dozens of editions of Defoe's novel.
The Society of American Period Furniture Makers
Information on the Society.