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Literary Resources — Theatre and Drama

This page is part of the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers – Newark. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Theatre and Drama

Period-specific resources appear under the appropriate pages — Renaissance drama, for example, appears on the Renaissance page. But more general resources appear here.
The best set of links.
Antonin Artaud
Miscellaneous information on the playwright and theatre theorist.
Drama Education: The Global Perspective (Western Australia)
"Designed to assist teachers, pre-service teachers and students in Drama and Theatre Arts. It will also assist anyone who wants to use Drama as a teaching strategy." A thorough and bustling site.
"An on-line index to plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals." Very handy.
Very extensive and scholarly annotated guide to electronic theatre resources.
Very extensive meta-site on world theatre. An excellent starting point.

Drama by Country

American Drama (Univ. of Cincinnati)
On-line journal. Bad color choices make the menu hard to read.
An in-progress catalogue of all performances — theatre, opera, ballet — in Louisquatorzean France. Very impressive.
Jack Wolcott's Theatre History on the Web
A big set of links and other resources for the history of the theatre. Well done.
A very scholarly collection of resources on French theatre throughout its history. "Une collection de textes et d'hypertextes en français sur le théâtre." In French.
Offentliche Vergnugungen in Berlin/1848
A day-by-day catalogue of theatrical performances in Berlin.


UK Theatre Web
Playbill On Line
Extensive information on current productions.

This page, part of the larger collection of literary resources, is maintained by Jack Lynch.