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Literary Resources — Victorian British

This page is part of the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers – Newark. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Victorian Literature

From Penn's list.
The best set of links.
19th Century Authors in UK (Nagoya Univ., Japan)
A big and up-to-date collection of links to author pages.
Annotated Bibliography on Chartism (Ursula Stange, Nipissing Univ.)
Extensive bibliography of Chartism after 1844.
Bibliography of Nineteenth-Century Irish Literature (Julia M. Wright)
A list of works by major authors, with full text for a few of them.
The Curran Index to Wellesley Index Revisions (Eileen M. Curran)
A supplement to the Wellesley Index of Victorian Periodicals, including corrections.
An impressive bibliography of secondary sources on the relationship between evolutionary biology and imaginative literature.
An impressive on-line dictionary and encyclopedia of Victorian social history. Very well done.
Electronic Resources for Nineteenth Century Studies (Ashton Nichols, Dickinson College)
A free-form discussion of electronic resources, including links to some of the major sites.
E-Texts for Victorianists (Alfred J. Drake)
Texts by nineteenth-century authors such as Arnold, Carlyle, Newman, Pater, and Wilde, based on authoritative editions. project.
Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-Century Literary Annual (Katherine D. Harris, San Jose State Univ.)
An archive of articles from 1823 to 1830. Impressive.
LITIR Database on Victorian Studies (Alberta)
Information on the CD-ROM bibliography of Victorian studies.
New Books in 19th-Century Studies (USC)
"This site offers complete publication information for scholarly works on the British Romantic and Victorian periods. Here you can find authors, titles, publishers, prices, ISBN numbers and publishers' descriptions for new and forthcoming critical works, anthologies, and critical editions of nineteenth-century British materials. In addition, original reviews are available for selected works."
NINES: A Networked Interface for Nineteenth-century Electronic Scholarship
A clearinghouse for scholarship on 19th-c. British and American studies. A serious project put together by serious scholars, and deserving of attention.
The Punch Cartoons Page (Anthony S. Wohl and students, Vassar)
About a dozen cartoons from Victorian issues of Punch, with commentary and a few research papers.
The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (ASU)
Information on the Society and its events, with links.
St Deiniol's Library
Information on the residential library founded by W. E. Gladstone, including events and scholarships. A catalogue is expected.
Science in the 19th Century Periodical
"A searchable electronic index to the science content of sixteen nineteenth-century general periodicals." More than 7,500 articles.
Sensation Writers
An overview of nineteenth-century mystery and detection stories.
Victoria Research Web (Indiana)
A collection of Victorian materials associated with the VICTORIA mailing list.
The Victorian Canon (Rita Raley and Jennifer Jones, UCSB)
"Devoted to exploring the problems of taste and aesthetics with regard to the Victorian canon and the literary canon as a whole." Information on courses and a bibliography of anthologies of Victorian literature. Very thoughtful. (Down?)
The Victorian Literary Studies Archive, Hyper-Concordance (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya Univ.)
A set of searchable texts of several dozen authors, mostly (but not exclusively) Victorian. Very useful.
The Victorian Literature Website: Everything Victorian (Jen Buttaro)
Very short biographies for Austen, Charlotte and Emily Brontë, Carroll, Collins, Dickens, Disraeli, George Eliot, and Gissing; a few poems; a guide to currency; quotations; a chronology; and links. Not scholarly and just getting off the ground, but promises to be useful.
Victorian Popular Novels
A collection of electronic texts of popular Victorian literature.
Victorian Station
"Victorian decorating ideas and information about the Victorian era. We offer you a wealth of information with regard to the Victorian era." Attractive, though perhaps too graphics- and music-heavy; unscholarly, but useful for beginners. Brief biographies of several Victorian authors. "Enjoy the music and ambience as you journey back in time."
An extensive and well-designed collection of information on Victorian culture and history. Bibliographies and essays on the social context, economics, religion, philosophy, literature, the visual arts, science, technology, politics, and gender. The entire collection is searchable, and includes good links to other sites. O sic sic omnes!
Impressive and up-to-date collection of links on Victorian England.
Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living
More popular than scholarly ("Celebrate a Victorian Christmas!"), but contains useful information on daily life in Victorian England.
Victorians Institute
"An organization of scholars and students centered in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the USA." Includes information on the Institute.
"The White Man's Burden" and Its Critics: Anti-Imperialism, 1898-1935 (Jim Zwick)
Kipling's poem set in a very extensive array of contextual materials on imperialism.

Women Authors

See also individual women authors below.
A 19th Century Woman's Place: Introduction to a Victorian Woman's World
Unscholarly (but enjoyable) collection of miscellaneous material on women's lives in Victorian England. Information on fashion, decorative arts, &c.
The Victorian Women Writers' Letters Project (Simon Fraser Univ.)
A fledgling "bibliographical and biographical database" of mid-Victorian letters. So far contains the correspondence of Anna Jameson and Harriet Martineau.
The Victorian Women Writers Project (Indiana)
"The goal of the Victorian Women Writers Project is to produce highly accurate transcriptions of works by British women writers of the 19th century, encoded using the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). ... Considerable attention will be given to the accuracy and completeness of the texts, and to accurate bibliographical descriptions of them."


The 19th-Century London Stage: An Exploration (Washington)
A collection of brief documents on Victorian life and culture.


The Germ: The Romantics, the Pre-Raphaelites & the Bloomsbury Movements (Meg Wise-Lawrence)
Information on the Pre-Raphaelite circle, with biographical sketches of several of the major figures.
Extensive collection of information on how the Pre-Raphaelites were viewed in their own day. Very impressive.
Pre-Raphaelite Society Pages (York Univ., UK)
Information on the Society, with a few links.
Unscholarly but attractive collection of scanned Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Thumbnails lead to high-resolution JPEGs.

Societies and Institutes

The 1890s Society
Information on the Society, with links to other sites.
Nineteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Studies Students' Collective (Wendy Foster, Univ. of British Columbia)
A growing site, "dedicated to the development and exchange of theories and ideas referring to all aspects of the nineteenth century." Includes links, meeting information, and conferences.
Northeast Victorian Studies Association (UTM)
Information on the Association, with links to other Victorian sites.
The Victorian Society in America
Informationon the Society.


Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies (Notre Dame)
Information on the journal.
The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies (York)
Contact information and tables of contents on the journal.
Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies
Information on the on-line journal.
Nineteenth Century Studies (Franklin & Marshall)
Information on the journal, including recent tables of contents.


Mary Elizabeth Braddon

The Mary Braddon Website (Chris Willis, Birkbeck College)
Bibliographies, original essays, plot summaries, biographical information, links.

The Brontës

The Brontë Archives (Geocities)
Unscholarly appreciation of Emily Brontë's poetry.
Brontë Parsonage Web Site: Official Museum Pages
Information for visitors and a few links.
A very extensive list of links on the Brontës and their world. Requires a (free) Yahoo account.
The Brontë Sisters Web (Japan)
Extensive and well-prepared pages, with E-texts, links, and other useful information.

The Brownings

The Browning Page (Glenn Everett and students)
Hypertext editions of Browning's poems, with many images from the art Browning knew.
The Browning Society
Information on the Society, devoted to Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Erin's Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning Page
A fan site.

Lewis Carroll

An impressive look at the myths surrounding Carroll. "What this site chiefly about is the phenomenon of the 'Carroll Myth' as it has recently begun to be understood, and what we offer here is the first online resource for the major re-analysis of Carroll that has recently got under way." Includes biographies, bibliographies, and links.

G. K. Chesterton

The American Chesterton Society
Information on the Society.
G. K. Chesterton (Martin Ward, Univ. of Durham)
Links to various resources (including E-texts by and about Chesterton), with a brief biography and images.

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins Appreciation Page (David R. Grigg, Australia)
Unscholarly but well organized.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, Gad's Hill Place (Marsha Perry)
Unscholarly fan site on Dickens's life and works.
The Dickens Page (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya Univ., Japan)
A well-designed and up-to-date collection of links to Dickens resources.
Dickens Project (University of California)
Information on Dickens scholarhip, including conferences, publications, and other on-line resources.

Benjamin Disraeli

The Disraeli Project (Queen's University)
Information on the large-scale editing project.

Arthur Conan Doyle & Sherlock Holmes

221B Baker Street
Links to E-texts, scanned images, and links to other Holmes resources.
The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A good fan site on the creator of Sherlock Holmes, with links, quotations, games, events, and biographical information.
Sherlock Holmes on the Web: The Sherlockian.Net Homepage
A good collection of information on Arthur Conan Doyle and his most famous creation. For fans more than for scholars, but still useful. Links, bibliographies, E-texts, and events.
A good, scholarly starting point, by an authority on Doyle, with many links to the stories and information on them and their pop-culture manifestations.

George Eliot

Chronological List of George Eliot's works (Princeton)
A short timeline, with links to the works and to a search engine of all of Eliot's novels.

Elizabeth Gaskell

The Gaskell Web (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya Univ., Japan)
A well-designed and up-to-date collection of links to Gaskell resources on the Net.

Gilbert and Sullivan

Gilbert and Sullivan Archive (Boise State)
Big fan site, including "clip art, librettos, plot summaries, pictures of the original G&S stars, song scores, midi and mpeg audio files (which allow you to actually listen to the music), and newsletter articles."

George Gissing

Overview, biographies, E-texts, criticism, and extensive and annotated links. Very impressive.
Extensive, well-organized, and up-to-date collection of Gissing links.

Thomas Hardy

Hardy's World (Gettysburg)
Class projects in three coordinated Hardy classes at Gettysburg, Franklin and Marshall, and Dickinson Colleges. Biography, publication information on the novels, photographs of relevant locations, essays on cultural contexts, and links.
A first-rate collection with a superb and thorough collection of site reviews. O si sic omnes!
Thomas Hardy (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya Univ., Japan)
Extensive, well-designed, and up-to-date collection of links.
Thomas Hardy Miscellany (Andover)
Original articles and photographs on Hardy and his works.
Thomas Hardy Resource Library
Chronology, links to E-texts, reviews of recent books (more popular than scholarly), and images.
An impressive guide to the works in Hardy's library, with good documentation on the evidence for each attribution.
The Thomas Hardy Society
Unscholarly, and unaffiliated with the Hardy Societies of the UK and North America.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins Page (David Callon, Creighton)
A big collection of information, including biographies, E-texts, book reviews, criticism, information on relevant journals, mailing lists, and Web resources.
Electronic Resources Related to G. M. Hopkins and his Poetry (R. J. C. Watt, Univ. of Dundee)
A handy set of links to Hopkins and related matters.

A. E. Housman

A. E. Housman Page (Martin Hardcastle, Bristol)
Many E-texts of the poems.

John Leech

John Leech Cartoon Archives, 1841-1864
More than 600 cartoons from Punch's Victorian heyday.

Caroline Norton

Caroline Norton (CMU)
Primary bibliography and brief biography.

George MacDonald

The Golden Key: The George MacDonald WWW Page (Mike Partridge)
Links, E-texts, photos, bibliography, and brief essays.

Karl Marx

The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
E-texts, photos, chronologies, and biographical sketches.

William Morris

William Morris Home Page (CUNY)
Provides "news of Morris-related events and publications; information about the worldwide William Morris Society; materials relating to the life and work of Morris, his friends and followers; and links to other places of interest on the Internet." Includes a bibliography, a biography, E-texts, information on places, portraits, and reviews of books about Morris.

J. E. Preston Muddock

Dick Donovan
Information on the late-Victorian mystery stories by J. E. Preston Muddock, a precursor of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Walter Pater

Walter Pater (Subir Grewal)
Brief biography, list of published works, a short bibliography of criticism, and a few E-texts.

Dante Garbriel Rossetti

Christina Rossetti (A. Eisenberg)
A German-language site on Rossetti's life and works.
In-progress archive of Rossetti's textual and graphical works, undertaken with impressive care and erudition. "In an ideal imagining the Archive will hold a digital image of every textual and pictorial document relevant to the study of Rossetti." O si sic omnes!

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850-1894 (Thomas Cooper Library, Univ. of South Carolina)
An exhibition on Stevenson's life and works.

Arthur Symons

Arthur Symons Page
E-texts of several poems, a brief chronology, and links on the '90s.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Tennyson Page (SFSU)
E-texts, a brief chronology, and a few audio files.

Anthony Trollope

The best starting place for information on Trollope on the Web.
Anthony Trollope (Mitsuharu Matsuoka)
Links, E-texts, and chronology.
The Trollope.Org Page
A handy set of links to the major Trollope resources, including a discussion group.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde Sites on the World-Wide Web
Annotated links to other sites. Well done.
"An Electronic Journal for the Exchange of Information on Current Research, Publications and Productions concerning Oscar Wilde and His Circle."

Charlotte Mary Yonge

Primary and secondary bibliographies, summaries, reviews, and links on the Victorian author. Admirably scholarly.

This page, part of the larger collection of literary resources, is maintained by Jack Lynch.