These pages are now woefully outdated; I haven't updated the links in yonks. Still I resolved not to take the pages down, since there may still be some useful material in here. Just be prepared to be frustrated.

Literary Resources — Miscellaneous

This page is part of the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers – Newark. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Table of Contents

This page is very big and very miscellaneous; to make navigation easier, I've put in some shortcuts:

General Guides to Literary Resources on the Web

The best general guide to humanities resources on the Web. O si sic omnes!
Alliance of Literary Societies
British umbrella group for various societies, including the Jane Austen Society UK.
American Authors on the Web (Japan)
Extensive index of author-specific pages.
Anglistik Guide (Göttingen)
A catalogue of Internet resources on Anglo-American literature.
Arts Journal
A wonderful selection of daily news on the arts, collected from newspapers around the world.
British Authors on the Web (Japan)
Extensive index of author-specific pages.
British Library Newspaper Library Catalogue
Entries for over 50,000 newspapers published since the seventeenth century.
Discipline Index (Toronto)
General index includes links to many literary sites, especially at Toronto.
A good collection of humanities resources prepared by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The links are especially useful to primary and secondary school students, though some are more generally applicable.
Electronic Sites for Research (CRRS, Toronto)
Especially strong on Renaissance sources.
English Literature (Japan)
Big general meta-page of literary resources.
English Literature (The Minging Company)
Links, reviews, E-texts, essays. Not very scholarly, and sometimes irritatingly commercial. Requires Java.
M.A. thesis which discusses the nature and role of electronic resources. The depth of commentary on major sites is unparalleled. Very handy. (Frank Clarke, Bowie State Univ.)
The product of a Master's thesis. An attractive meta-site with annotations. Strong on theory, grammar, and rhetoric and composition.
A mixed bag of excellent and mediocre pages on various periods and topics of English literature.
Guide to Literature on the Internet (Köln)
A text-only guide to major literary resources. Updated sporadically.
Hope Hall for the Humanities (Hope Greenberg, Vermont)
A fine collection of humanities resources.
Internet Book Information Center (William Frederick Zimmerman, Sunsite)
"A personal, selective guide to books and to book-related resources on the Internet." Well established but eclectic list of literary links.
Links to Literature (Paul Simpson)
Thousands of annotated links on literary topics, organized by author.
Links to Places Literary (Dundee)
A general collection of links.
Literary Index (Chris Flack, Vanderbilt)
"Both an overview and a review of the more significant collections of Internet literary resources of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature. This site is not intended to be an exhaustive index of all literary resources; rather it functions both as a descriptive meta-index to all things literary and as a review of the most important lists of literary resources and collections of literary links that proliferate on the Internet." Well designed, with useful reviews.
Literary Resources: Research and Study Aids (Skylar Hamilton Burris)
A collection of miscellaneous literary links, a chronology, and (most useful) tips on the Literature GRE, overviews of critical approaches, and other original essays.
Literature Webliography (LSU)
Links to meta-pages, newsgroups, library catalogues, dictionaries, organizations, periodicals, &c.
LitLinks (Alberta)
An intelligent selection of literary links.
MLA on the Web
Main Web page for the Modern Language Association.
Recollection Used Books: Book, Author, & Bibliographies Links
Includes pointers to dozens of author-specific pages.
Scholarly Sites (Maryland)
Short list of resources; especially strong on humanities computing.
Resources of Scholarly Societies — Literature (Waterloo)
A useful list of links to scholarly societies in literature, with an indication of "URL Stability" for each site.
Scholarly Societies Project
A huge database of more than 4,000 learned societies around the world. Well organized.
The Word, Literature, Journals, Books (Univ. of Washington)
A very miscellaneous collection of humanities sites.
An impressive master list of electronic resources. Some are available only to Toronto students and faculty, but many are public.

Electronic Text Collections

The Bank of English
A corpus of over 300 million words, mostly since 1990, for lexicographical analysis.
A big collection of on-line texts, including some study guides.
CETH Home Page (Rutgers)
Information on the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities.
The Electronic Text Center (Virginia)
A massive library of on-line texts.
HTI Resources (Michigan)
Resources from the Humanities Text Initiative.
Literature Collection
Full text of the works of dozens of major authors.
Michigan Early Modern English Materials (Virginia)
Extensive corpus of early modern literature mostly for lexicographical analysis.
Modern English Collection (Michigan)
Extensive corpus of English literature since 1500.
The New Bartleby
Once an extensive archive of electronic texts at Columbia; now independent.
Oxford Text Archive
A venerable archive of reliable texts, but many of them must be requested from Oxford through hard copy.
PS Digigal Resources Center (Penn State)
A good collection of major E-text resources.
Renascence Editions (Richard Bear, Univ. of Oregon)
A small but smartly chosen set of well-edited electronic texts, focusing especially on early modern literature.

Comparative Literature

Éclat: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory site (Penn)
Major index to comparative literature resources.
BCLA (British Comparative Literature Association)
Information on the Association.

Library Resources

British Library Public Catalogue

Reference Works


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition (1996)
Full text on-line.
A Web of On-line Dictionaries (Robert Beard, Bucknell)
"This website indexes on-line dictionaries, thesauri, and such like containing words and phrases. Preference in selection has been given to free online dictionaries of high quality. However, downloadable and subscription materials are listed if exceptionally rare and/or unusually well-executed." Dazzling.


Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (Columbia)
Hypertext of the 1901 edition.
Find a Quotation (Alexander Grant)
Coordinates searches for quotations in fifteen likely databases.
Several thousand quotations, organized by topic and author.
maridadi: Quotations Search
A portal that allows you to search many quotations databases from one page.


The Web Concordances (Dundee)
Big resource on concordances.

Other Reference Works

The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Hypertext of the 1894 edition.
Biographical Dictionary
Very brief entries on 27,000 figures.


The best large index of censorship resources.
Banned Books On-line (Penn)
A good exhibit of banned books.
Censored: Wielding the Red Pen (Univ. of Virginia)
An exhibition on censorship.
The File Room Censorship Archive Home Page
A very fine site on censorship, including a big archive of examples sorted by date, location, grounds for censorship, and medium.


Einfürung in die Gedichtanalyse (Rudolf Brandmeyer, Gerhard-Mercator-Universitü Duisburg)
German-language site on the analysis of poetry.
Forgotten Ground Regained: Alliterative Poetry on the Web (Paul Douglas Deane)
A guide to historical and contemporary alliterative poetry, with texts and translations of several medieval works.
Poetry Here and Then (Michigan)
"Introduce[s] new researchers to the principles of humanities research in special collections."
Online Poetry Classroom
"OPC provides both professional development for high school Language Arts teachers and a virtual teaching community enabling teachers across the country to access free poetry resources online." A valuable set of resources on teaching poetry and on hundreds of American poets, poetry centers and festivals, and "poetry-friendly bookshops." Poetry Archive
Miscellaneous poetry resources.
Poetry: Meter, Form, and Rhythm (H. T. Kirby-Smith, UNCG)
An extensive guide to prosody, rhyme, and other concepts from poetics.
Prose and Verse Criticism of Poetry (Toronto)
Primary texts of criticism of poetry from Sidney to Pater.
Sonnet Central
"An archive of English sonnets, commentary, pictures, and relevant web links." Arranged chronologically and alphabetically.
Tetrameter: Four-Footed Verse (Eric Howard)
A brief discussion of the meter, with abundant examples and links to other guides to metrics.
Versification: An Electronic Journal of Literary Prosody
Full text of the journal, along with a number of resources for the study of poetry.

Ballads and Broadsides

"A collaborative effort designed to help people find reference information on folk ballads." A searchable database provides comprehensive references. Can be used on-line or downloaded.
A searchable collection of 1,800 Scottish broadsides from 1650 to 1910. Transcriptions and page images. Aimed at general readers, but also useful for scholars.

Great Books

Great Books Lists: Lists of Classics, Eastern and Western (Robert Teeter)
A collection of several guides to great books, with Teeter's comments.
Rutgers Reading List (William C. Dowling)
A traditional canon of major works in English literature, recommended for English majors.
Access The Great Books!
A list of great books, sponsored in part by Encyclopaedia Britannica, supporting a publishing project.
World Civilizations Reader (WSU)
A handy reader, mostly on-line, for World Civ classes. Not a Great Books approach, but close enough.

Literary Terms

Glossary of Poetic Terms (Bob's Byway)
An extensive glossary of poetic terms, including pronunciation, cross-references, examples, and so on. Well done.
Words of Art: An On-Line Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts (Robert J. Belton, OUC)
Although the focus is on visual arts, literature is well represented.

Advice for Researchers

A2A: Access to Archives
A searchable database of major archives throughout England. Not comprehensive, but still worthwhile.
Finding Aids for Archival Collections (DL SunSITE)
A guide to "inventories, registers, indexes or guides to collections held by archives and manuscript repositories, libraries, and museums."
Literary Research Guide (James L. Harner, Texas A&M)
Updates and corrections to the third edition of the MLA Literary Research Guide.
VRW: Planning the Research Trip to Britain (Indiana)
Practical tips for researchers.

English Departments

English Department Homepages (NYU)
A good master collection of English departments.
English Department Home Pages (Japan)
Another collection of links to English departments; well maintained.


Literary Locales (SJSU)
"Picture links to the places that figure in the lives and writings of famous authors."
Writ in Water: An International Gallery of Memorials for the Dead
Images of cemeteries and tombs with literary associations.
BSC Latin Place Names File (BYU)
A thorough index of Latin place names, especially useful for identifying the place of publication of early modern imprints.

Children's Literature and Folklore

History of Children's Literature (Kay E. Vandergrift, Rutgers)
A good overview of research in the field.
Children's Literature in the National Art Library (Victoria & Albert Museum)
Information on the V&A collection.
Little Red Riding Hood Project (USM)
"A text and image archive containing sixteen English versions of the fairy tale."
The SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages (Heidi Anne Heiner)
Annotated fairy tales, with historical and contextual information and bibliographies on further reading. Not scholarly, but well-informed and clearly written. Experts will find nothing new, but beginners will benefit.
The Robin Hood Text Archive (Purdue)
Part of a large archive of primary sources on the Robin Hood legend.
Children's Books On Line
Facsimiles of 19th- and 20th-c. children's books.
The Robin Hood Project (Univ. of Rochester)
An extensive archive of texts, images, and bibliographies on the Robin Hood legend. Worth a look.

Literature and the Environment

The ASLE Home Page (Minnesota)
Information on the Association for the Study of Literature & the Environment. A good set of links to other resources.
wildernet (Thomas Thurston and class, Yale)
Site from a class on "Wilderness and the American Imagination."

Literary Prizes

Pulitzer Prizes
Information on the organization and the prizewinners.
British Literary Prizes
Information on the major literary prizes, including their winners.

Selected Discussion Groups

Bob Teeter's rec.arts.books Page
Material supporting the popular literary newsgroup.
Humanist Discussion Group (Princeton)
Archives of the major humanities computing listserv.
Wired for Books: Community Reconsidered (Ohio Univ.)
On-line discussion group; follow with RealAudio or text transcripts.

Too Miscellaneous to Put Elsewhere (Suggestions on Rubrics Welcome)

The Altered State: England, Literature, and the Pub (Steven Earnshaw)
Selections from a book which "looks at how inns, taverns, alehouses and pubs have appeared in literature from Chaucer to the present day." Includes bibliographies and extracts.
Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS)
"A national service funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK's Higher Education Funding Councils to collect, describe, and preserve the electronic resources which result from research and teaching in the humanities. It will encourage scholarly use of its collections and make information about them available through an on-line catalogue."
Arts & Letters Daily
Regularly updated links to articles in the press on art and literature.
Athena Authors Page (Switzerland)
Miscellaneous "lists of texts and documents, listed by authors, covering philosophy, literature, history, science, arts."
Baragona's History of the English Language and Linguistics Home Page (VMI)
Designed for a course, but a very useful introduction to the history of the language.
The Book Award Annals (Ken Lucius)
A big compilation of many literary awards lists, including winners and those on short-lists. Not comprehensive, and it goes back only to 1990, but very useful.
The Booklist Center
Hundreds of reading lists in dozens of categories.
British Academy PORTAL
"The British Academy's directory of online resources in the humanities and social sciences." A good meta-index.
Centre de Recherche sur la littérature des voyages
Information on the Centre and its publications and colloquia. In French.
CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal (Purdue)
On-line journal (beginning March 1999) in comparative literature, including useful bibliographies, directories, and links.
The Clergy of the Church of England Database 1540-1835
An in-progress database of Anglican clergy.
Organized around a huge bibliography (in Adobe Acrobat format), cataloguing over 6,000 items on the history of religion, particularly strong on 17th- and 19th-c. Anglicanism. Shorter bibliographies on topics (the English Bible, the Book of Common Prayer), movements (Puritanism, mysticism), and people (Andrewes, Milton, Hooker, Tennyson, C. S. Lewis) are also available.
Handa — Biblit (Italy)
Italian-language mailing list on issues of translation, with links.
History and Development of Prose Style: A Reader (John F. Tinkler, Towson)
A teaching resource that collects English prose from Alfred in the ninth century through a U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1984. A valuable anthology, but the on-line version has no commentary.
History of English Studies Page (Rita Raley, UCSB)
A searchable collection of primary and secondary texts on the history of the discipline.
History of Medicine Library (Wellcome Trust)
A catalogue of hundreds of repositories of manuscripts on the history of medicine from 1600 to 1945 in the London area.
A superb collection of Internet resources on the epic, ancient to modern.
Ian's English Calendar (Ian MacInnes, Albion College)
Calculates the Ecclesiastical calendar, regnal years, Old and New Style dates, and days of the weeks for English history.
Invisible Library (Brian Quinette)
"A collection of pseudobiblia, artifiction, fabled tomes, libris phantastica, fictitious books, and books within books." Very clever.
Internet for English
A very rudimentary guide to Internet resources for English studies, with advice on their use, quizzes, and so on.
IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection
"The IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection contains 1529 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by literary period." Selected criticism and other resources.
Internet Library of Early Journals (Bodleian)
Page images of eighteenth-century periodicals.
An extremely impressive encyclopedia on thousands of literary figures, with original essays by prominent scholars. The contributions are scholarly but accessible. A superb place to start. O si sic omnes!
A budding collection of materials for literary history, including original essays contributed by readers.
Literary Hyper-Calendar (Yasuda Univ., Japan)
A searchable collection of literary events for each date on the calendar.
Literary Research/Recherche Littéraire
Journal of the International Comparative Literature Association, with full text of recent issues, and a list of links to other comp lit sites.
Literati — Authors on the Web
Biographical information and samples from dozens of contemporary writers.
Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database (NYU)
A collection of summaries of and annotations to art, film, and literature of medical interest, including Alcott's Hospital Sketches, Brontë's Jane Eyre, Eliot's Middlemarch, Hawthorne's "Birthmark," Shelley's Frankenstein, &c.
Literature — National Library of Canada
A useful set of general links on Canadian literature.
The Medici Archive Project (Johns Hopkins)
A collection of "documentary sources for the arts and humanities: 1537-1743."
Narrative Society (Vanderbilt)
Information on the society.
The Novel in Europe, 1670-1730 (Olaf Simons et al.)
A thorough and scholarly guide to the early novel, sorted by date and topic, with contemporary maps. Thumbs up.
Pikle: The Diary Junction (Paul K. Lyons)
A database of information on several hundred diarists from around the world, from the ninth century to the present. The information is brief but a good starting point for those doing research on diary-keepers.
Reading Experience Database Project (Open Univ.)
Basic information on the "joint project to accumulate, over a period of time, data about the experience of reading from 1450 to 1914."
Repositories of Primary Sources (Univ. of Idaho)
"A listing of over 3300 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar." Links to thousands of libraries and archives.
Robin Hood: Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood (Allen W. Wright)
An extensive fan site on various aspects of the Robin Hood myth.
Extensive and scholarly database, containing over 50,000 items on science fiction scholarship.
Novelist and critic Crume provides very valuable information on hundreds of Scottish authors. Entries are brief but solid. Also a history of Scottish literature. O si sic omnes!
A collection of images and transcriptions of rare French texts from the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries. Impressive.
Textus: English Studies in Italy
Tables of contents of the journal, with information for subscribers.
Today in Literature
A non-scholarly but engaging site, showing important events in literary history. A fun browse.
University English
A very useful directory of English departments, publishers, job openings, and related resources.

This page, part of the larger collection of literary resources, is maintained by Jack Lynch.