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Literary Resources — Hypertext

This page is part of the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers – Newark. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Computers & Texts (Oxford)
On-line journal.
George Landow's Home Page (Brown)
One of the most important theorists of hypertext.
Inside the Whale Inside: A Hypertextual Journey into the Belly of Modernism (Robert Scholes, Brown)
Hypertextual essay on hypertext and modernism.
Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities (Matthew Kirschenbaum, Virginia)
"a clearing-house for online information related to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) in the humanities." Includes a very useful catalogue of electronic theses.
Electronic Literature Organization
A very large database on electronic literature, with links to hundreds of sites.
Lines for a Virtual T[y/o]pography (Matthew Kirschenbaum, Virginia)
"An Electronic Essay on Artifice and Information." Kirschenbaum's dissertation, a hypertext exploration of hypertext.
Model Editions Partnership (Univ. of South Carolina)
"The purpose of the Model Editions Partnership is to explore ways of creating editions of historical documents which meet the standards scholars traditionally use in preparing printed editions." Includes "experimental mini-editions" on the First Federal Congress, the ratification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Henry Laurens, Abraham Lincoln, Nathanael Greene, Margaret Sanger, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.
Computerphilologie: Ein elektronisches Forum für Literaturwissenschaftler und Literaturwissenschaftlerinnen (München)
Studies of computers and literature.
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
The Electronic Labyrinth (Virginia)
"A study of hypertext technology, providing a guide to this rapidly growing field. We are most concerned with the implications of this medium for creative writers looking to move beyond traditional notions of linearity and univocity."
Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction (Duke)
Index of original hypertext fiction and essays on the medium.
An extensive and impressive bibliography of on-line and print sources on hypertext.
Les Chroniques de Cybérie
Weekly French-language guide to the new media.
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (David Silver, Maryland)
Information on the Center, including bibliographies and events.
NINCH Home Page
Information on the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage.
"Notes toward an Unwritten Non-Linear Electronic Text, 'The Ends of Print Culture' (A Work in Progress)" (PMC)
An essay by hypertext pioneer Michael Joyce.
The Heresy of Hypertext (John Tolva)
A linked essay on the new medium.
Oxford Text Archive Guide to Creating and Documenting Electronic Texts: A Guide to Good Practice (Alan Morrison, Michael Popham, Karen Wikander)
"This Guide does not have any pretence to be a comprehensive introduction to this complex area of digital resource creation, but the authors have attempted to highlight some of the fundamental issues which will need to be addressed."
An impressive collection of original essays on topics in humanities computing.
"The first entirely virtual symposium dedicated to investigating the impact of the Web on reading, writing and the diffusion of knowledge."
Hypertext and Hypermedia Bibliography (Scott Stebelman, Seth Katz, and Jim Bonnett, Bradley Univ.)

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